WPX Hosting vs WP Engine Review 2022: This Review Will Knock Your Socks Off!


An Honest Unbiased WPX Hosting vs WP Engine Review

Are you starting a WordPress website this 2022 year and not sure if you should go with WPX Hosting vs WP Engine for managed WordPress hosting?

If you are reading this WPX Hosting vs WP Engine review, I guess that either you are using a shared web hosting provider and want to switch to managed hosting. Or you are hosting with one of these web hosting providers and thinking of switching to the other. Let me know down in the comments your why.

If you are stuck between these 2 managed WordPress hosting services or simply just want to leave WPEngine hosting and curious about what WPX Hosting is all about, then this review is for you!

What To Expect In This WPX Hosting vs WP Engine Review 2022?

In today’s review, I will thoroughly go over the differences of WPX Hosting vs WPEngine pricing and discuss what actually comes under the hood of each of these managed WordPress hosts before you buy them. Also, to make sure that this review is 100% honest I will be giving at the end some awesome alternatives to WPX Hosting and WPEngine that I recommend to create your website. Hopefully after this overview today, you will have more of clear idea of which web host is best for your business needs. Does this sound fair? Great! Let’s dive in!

What should you know off back?

Well for starters, if you are looking for a super reliable shared web hosting to create a website online, then WPX Hosting & WP Engine are not for you. Why? Although both are WordPress geared, they are managed and not shared hosting. This means that they are not your cheap around web hosting provider on the block.

However, using shared WordPress hosting is not bad at all if you pick the right one. But it’s common knowledge that managed WordPress hosting providers actually are better with faster performance & uptime. Of course, you should know that speed are important factors for your websites to rank higher in the search like Google. And this is part of the reason why you need to choose wisely that web hosting provider that you use to host your websites.

However, if you are cheap and have a budget and really want to use some reputable shared web hosting with great performance, then I highly recommend trusted web hosting such Siteground or A2 Hosting. These 2 hosts are great for beginners with pricing starting under $10/month and are significantly cheaper than managed WordPress hosting.

To get 60% OFF Siteground, go right here now: www.siteground.com

To get 72% OFF A2 Hosting, go right now here: www.a2hosting.com

However, checkout this brief video that I made sometime that show some of the differences between WPX Hosting vs WPEngine hosting.

My Frank Opinion On Some WPX Hosting vs WP Engine Reviews..

Many reviews of WPX Hosting and WP Engine don’t typically high the good and the bad that you should know about. I wanted to give that in this review, but also provide you an awesome alternative below that I think is definitely worth your time and attention. But before I share that with you, let’s do a quick recap of this older video that you just watched.

Here is a recap of what I found and shared with you in video above:

wpx hosting vs wp engine

www.wpengine.com (60 money back guarantee)
Personal – $35/month
Professional – $115/month
Business – $290/month

Other Features: FREE SSL Certificates, 24/7 WP support, Free Site Migration, Daily Backups, Good Uptime

wpx hosting vs wp engine

www.wpxhosting.com (30 day money back guarantee)

Business – $24/month
Professional – $49/month
Elite – $99/month

Other Features: Free SSL Certificates, 24/7 WP support, Free Site Migration, Daily Backups, Free Hacker Repair, Awesome Uptime

When comparing these 2 managed WordPress hosting companies you will notice a huge difference in costs and value. Obviously, out of the gate you notice that WPX Hosting will be a lot easier on your pockets and won’t break the bank. But let’s take a few moments know to see what customers actually think about using these hosts below.

Customer Support: What People Think About WPX Hosting vs WPEngine..

It it true that both of the managed WordPress hosting providers have 24/7 customer support, but there are some things I wanted to highlight that sets them apart.

When you consider reputable websites like Trustpilot, you will notice a lot of feedback left by customers of these host. But really stands out about WPX Hosting vs WP Engine?

On the profile of WP Engine, you will see that 166 people have left comments about their personal experience with them. Based on these reviews, they have been given a 4.4-star rating out of 5!

  • 77% say the service is excellent
  • 4% said it was great
  • 2% said it was poor
  • while 5% rated WPEngine managed hosting services as bad.

However, how does WPX Hosting stack up on with its customers?

Amazingly, Trustpilot had 996 polled that gave WPX Hosting an amazing 4.9-star rating!

  • 96% said that WPX Hosting was excellent
  • > 1% said that they are great
  • >1% said that they are average
  • >1% said poor
  • while 2% rated WPX Hosting as bad

Why do I share these Trustpilot stats with you?

First, I want you to see that this WPX Hosting vs WP Engine review is 100% honest. I am trying to help you to see which is best managed WordPress hosting for your needs.

Secondly, I also realize that you work really hard for your money and you don’t want to waste it.

Thirdly,web hosting is the absolute more important decision that you ever make with respects to your business online. If you make a bad decision, it will costs BIG! However, if you make a good and wise decision, both you and your customers will happy.

My Overall Thought on WPX Hosting vs WPEngine…

  • Comparing the basic plans you save about $5/month with WPX Hosting
  • You save about 50% with WPX Hosting on mid-grade professional plans ($49/month vs $99/month).
  • You can host more websites with WPX Hosting vs WP Engine for less money (Example: 1 versus 5 on basic hosting plans).
  • Your website can handle more traffic with WPX Hosting vs WP Engine 
  • Faster loading speeds for WPX Hosting vs WP Engine
  • Although WP Engine offers a 60 day money back guarantee, WPX Hosting’s customers online have had a far superior experience with their WordPress hosting services.

As you can see above, BOTH service providers are great, but only ONE WINS this TK Knockout today. Yup you guess it – WPX Hosting!

Alternatives to WPX Hosting & WP Engine

So you remember that I told you in the beginning of this WPX Hosting vs WPEngine review that I would give some alternatives to these hosts for creating websites? Yes I did and here they are.

Although the stats clearly point to WPX Hosting as being the winner of this battle, I must say myself that I no longer use them. Yes I did make the video some time ago and I wanted to share it with you in this review to give a good comparison. However, as for using managed hosting I decided to move a totally different direction recently. What you talking about Wally? I’m talking about Rocket Managed WordPress hosting that has:

  • Better customer support
  • Faster Page Loads that WPX Hosting & WPEngine
  • Rock Solid Uptime Server Performance
  • Better Security, WAF Protection
  • CloudFlare Enterprise CDN
  • 2-3 Times Faster Than Cloud
  • Excellent Trustpilot Score
  • Optimised & Cached in 200+ Locations in the World
  • More Resources
  • Get Started in 60 Seconds Today for Only $1.00 Today!

Want to know my#1 recommendation for the FASTEST managed WordPress hosting with Best security, customer support & uptime performance? Rocket Hosting!

To discover the real power of using Rocket Managed Hosting over WPX Hosting vs WPEngine, checkout their official website of Rocket Hosting with right now! Click this special link right here to get started for only $1.00 or get 50% OFF 3 Months!

WPX Hosting vs WP Engine Review Conclusion..

So what’s your next step? Now that you know that WPX Hosting outperforms WPEngine for creating websites, but now it’s time to take action. How? Do you currently host with another provider that you hate and want to leave today? If so, then Rocket Hosting offers 100% FREE site migrations and will move your website today! Or if you creating your website and new to Rocket Managed hosting, then you can get started for only $1.00!

If you are totally new to using managed WordPress hosting, then I highly recommend that you get started with the Starter plan. This beginner plan will allow you to create 1 WordPress website online and gives you all the tools that you will need to get online fast.

WordPress is used by more than a 1/3 of websites online today. In fact, it’s now the preferred CMS platform to use for creating websites today. Why not start creating your website today with the FASTER managed WordPress hosting provider right now, Rocket Hosting?

To find out more details about how to get started today right now with Rocket Hosting now, click here to visit their official webpage here: www.rocket.net




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