Web Hosting for WordPress


Finding the Best Web Hosting for WordPress sites can be hard if you don’t know where to find it. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional photographer, a web developer, a small business owner, or need an eCommerce store today I am going to reveal to you something amazing. I am going to reveal to you my top 8 recommended web hosting for WordPress that you absolutely MUST look at if you want to start a website today!

best web hosting for wordpress


Best Web Hosting For WordPress Costs:

Click the web host below for more info!

  1. Siteground at only $6.99/month! Go here www.siteground.com  (My Favorite)
  2. Bluehost at $2.95/month!  Go here www.bluehost.com
  3. Hostgator at $3.48/month! Go here www.hostgator.com
  4. Dreamhost at $2.95/month! Go here www.dreamhost.com
  5. A2Hosting at $2.99/month! Go here www.a2hosting.com
  6. Hostwinds Hosting at $3.49/month! Go here www.hostwinds.com
  7. Mochahost at $1.59/month! Go here www.mochahost.com
  8. Namecheap at $8.88 for the 1st year! Go here www.namecheap.com

Now there are several other WordPress Web hosting companies online that offer awesome uptime, customer service, cPanel, site builder tools and much more that I didn’t enlist above such as A2Hosting.

A2Hosting is another super reliable web host for WordPress for only $2.99 per month that has amazingly fast speeds up to 20 times more that is a BONUS EXTRA to the above! Visit www.a2hosting.com for details.

Moreover, these web hosting are the best and highly recommended for starting blogs and sites by millions of webmasters, bloggers, and marketers.

It doesn’t matter if you work from home or have a storefront. You MUST have web hosting that is 100% reliable and dependable especially when your search for you online.

With that said, ALL of the recommendations on our list above are very affordable, super reliable, reputable & also offer money back guarantees which will allow you to try their web hosting risk free. Make your selection above & start building your website today!

What About Using Free Web Hosting for WordPress? 

This is one type of web hosting that I DO NOT recommend you start with even if you have less than a shoestring budget! Believe me, it’s absolutely NOT worth it! If you are really looking for the best web hosting for WordPress, then I recommend avoiding it.

Here’s why…

Reason#1 – With the so called FREE web hosting, there is always terrible downtime. This means that your website is not always up and running online for your customers to find you. Bad uptime equals potential income loss and product sales.

Reason#2 – Another terrible thing about many free web hosting services is that they will place irritating advertisements or banners on your website that may not be related to your website content at all. This can or in most cases WILL direct customers AWAY from your site by clicking on them. Certainly you wouldn’t want to work so hard to get a potential customer to your to then lose them your competitor, right? Now you get my point? FREE is not always better. If you want quality, reliability, scalability, then invest in a reputable WordPress web hosting service above that your customers can depend on 99.9% when searching online for you.

By now, you realize how important buying the right web hosting is to your online appearance.

As mentioned in the beginning, finding the best web hosting for WordPress can be hard, but if you know where to start then your next step would be to simply select one that fits your budget & get your website started now by selecting your host above.