Best Canadian Web Hosting WordPress 2022: Best WordPress Hosting for Canada Websites


Are you looking for the best Canadian web hosting WordPress? There are many web hosting providers online. Some are great, while others are a waste of your time and money. Today we will talk about the absolute best WordPress hosting for Canada websites that all businesses should use.

Disclaimer: There are affiliate links on this page. If you use them, you may get up to 70% OFF the best Canadian web hosting today. Also, I may receive a referral commission. This helps me eat my favorite peanut butter and jelly sandwiches:) Thanks for your support in this review.

Best Canadian Web Hosting WordPress Review: What To Expect?

Being that WordPress is very popular for creating websites, millions of new users are taking advantage. This is because it’s very user-friendly, easy to install and doesn’t require any experience with html or coding.

If you want to create a website, blog or eCommerce, then it means you are looking for good recommendations for Canadian web hosting. In this review today, we will talk about the best Canadian web hosting WordPress. These can be used for bloggers, small businesses, startups, agencies, corporations and anyone in between.

Also, we will cover the essential things that ever Canadian website must have to be the most successful online. This includes uptime performance, page load performance, great security and customer support. Remember that your web hosting is the most important aspect of your business online. If you pick the wrong host, it may result with a headache and cause your business to lose money.

Why It’s Hard To Find Best Canadian Web Hosting WordPress

Obviously there are lots of web hosting providers that you will find online that offer a wide range of web hosting solutions. Some are really expensive while others tend to be more affordable for beginners with tight budgets.

Many providers have great security, uptime performance and customer support, while others suffer in these very areas. All of this can make it quite a challenge to find the best Canadian web hosting WordPress.

Even when looking on social media like reddit, people in threads look for recommendations for Canadian web hosting or good Canadian web hosting services. So it’s a really popular search and obviously what brought you here today.

Another thing is that you will find many reviews online that push a specific web host, yet often they don’t share both the good and bad. This review will give you just that. As a result you will be able to make a solid decision about the best WordPress hosting in Canada for your needs.

No matter the web hosting provider you select today, it MUST be super reliable so the your customers can find you online. It MUST have excellent customer support so that if you have questions or experience issues, then you can always get help fast. Also, there MUST be great security measures in place to keep your websites secure online from spam, malware, brute attacks, DDoS attacks and hackers. These areas should never be overlooked no matter how cheap a host is for beginners. 

The providers that you will find below are the best Canadian web hosting WordPress that have excellent performance in all of these areas.  

The Pricing of Best Canadian Web Hosting WordPress

best canadian web hosting wordpress

Hostpapa is our #1 Canadian based web hosting provider that has over 500,000 clients globally. With pricing starting at only $3.95/month, it’s super affordable for beginners online who want to create WordPress websites online. There are 3 plans that you can pick from: Starter, Business and Business Pro.

For beginners online, I highly recommend using the Starter plan which allows you to create 2 websites online versus just 1 with most competitors. However, if you have several Canadian websites that you would like to build online going forward, The Business & Business Pro are best being you can create unlimited websites.

With servers and data centers globally they have really great page loads and uptime performance of 99.9% of higher. They have excellent 24/7/365 customer support via phone, email or chat.

What You Should Know About Hostpapa:

  • Based in Canada
  • They give you a Free domain name with your web hosting plan
  • Easy-to-use Website builder
  • 1-Click Installation
  • Hostpapa Data Centers: 102 locations in 50 countries [Sprinkled across North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific, China Mainland, Oceania and Middle East.
  • 24/7/365 customer support by phone, email & chat
  • Free Cloudflare CDN for fast page loads
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Free Migrations
  • Secure Email
  • Over 400+ apps included to build or extend functionality of websites
  • Uses CloudLinx which prevents server attacks
  • Amazing uptime performance

What do people think about using Hostpapa Canadian web hosting?

Of the many Hostpapa Canadian reviews that I found, here are just a few reviews below from some of their clients.

Hostpapa web hosting offers a 30 day money back guarantee to clients. To get started started with 60% OFF right now, click below!

best canadian web hosting wordpress

Bluehost is another great WordPress hosting that is great for Canadian residents although not based in Canada. They have data centers and servers globally with a huge client base. Their plans allow you to create 1 or unlimited websites, blogs or Commerce stores online. There are tons of tools and resources provided with each account. Pricing starts at only $2.95/month.

best Canadian web hosting WordPress

What You Should Know About Bluehost:

  • They give you a FREE domain name for your first year
  • There is 24/7/365 phone, email & chat support
  • Get $200 in PPC Marketing Credits [For Google Ads & Bing Ads Campaigns]
  • Domain Privacy Protection
  • SSD storage & FREE CDN for fast page loads
  • 6 Data Centers: Provo Utah, Orem Utah, Mumbai India, London UK, Hong Kong China, and Shanghai Mainland China
  • 1-Click Installations
  • NGINX + Caching
  • Uptime Performance of 99.99%

Bluehost web hosting offers a 30 day money back guarantee to clients. To get started started with 60% OFF right now, click below!

best canadian web hosting wordpress

Siteground is another amazing provider of WordPress hosting for Canadian residents although not based in Canada. They currently power over 1,800,000 websites online with clients globally including Canada.

Due to Siteground’s high performance, they have been rated by of the top 3 hosts to use for creating websites online. Pricing starts at only $6.99/month.

There are 3 different Siteground WordPress web hosting plans that you can select from: Startup, Growbig and GoGeek.


best Canadian web hosting WordPress

Something that I really love Siteground in addition to their excellent customer support is that install WordPress, themes and plugins for beginners online. This makes it easy to get started online without hiccups especially if you don’t have any experience with building websites online.

best Canadian web hosting WordPress

What You Should Know About Siteground:

  • They do not offer any FREE domain names as other hosts do.
  • They have cheap introductory deals, however renewals are more expensive than most providers. But for the high quality of web hosting, excellent customer support, and high availability of uptime, the prices are justified.
  • Uptime performance of 99.99%
  • Powered on Google Cloud Platform
  • FREE Cloudfare CDN [Network of 194 locations worldwide across 90 countries]
  • 6 Data Center locations: USA, UK, Netherlands, Australia, Singapore, Germany
  • SSD storage, FREE Auto Daily Backups
  • GDPR Compliant
  • There is no cPanel. They use a control panel called Site Tools which is better. [To consider if doing a site migration from cPanel hosting]

Siteground web hosting offers a 30 day money back guarantee to clients. To get started started with them right now, click below!

best canadian web hosting wordpress

Dreamhost is another amazing WordPress hosting provider with beginner packages starting at only $2.59/month. But if you use the link below, you can get it today for only $1.99/month.

They have rock solid 100% uptime performance with security and excellent 24/7/365 customer support.

best Canadian web hosting WordPress

What You Should Know About Dreamhost:

  • 100% uptime guarantee for high availability
  • There is cPanel. Dreamhost uses a unique Control Panel which is better.
  • There are website builders
  • Dreamhost will install WordPress for beginners
  • 2 Data centers: [DreamCompute] Auburn, Virginia and [DreamObjects] Irvine, California
  • Deluxe Toolkit
  • Fast SSD storage for fast page loads and performance
  • Excellent fast customer support [only email & chat based]

Dreamhost web hosting offers a 97 day money back guarantee to clients. To get started with them right now for only $1.99/month, click below!

Of course there are many other web hosting for WordPress not based in Canada, but do have amazing uptime performance, page loads, and excellent customer support. Some other awesome providers are Liquid Web, AccuWeb Hosting, A2Hosting, Namecheap and Hostwinds just to name a few alternatives.

Which Canadian Web Hosting WordPress Is Best For You?

How can you decide which web hosting provider is best for you to create your site? Although all of the above mentioned providers service Canada with a huge fingerprint, there is only 1 that will suit your needs.

As you could see in the beginning of this review we mentioned that Hostpapa is our favorite Canadian web hosting WordPress. They are not only super affordable for beginners, but also have a great reputation, fast customer support, fast page loads and uptime performance on servers.

All of these things are extremely important to look for in any web host. Thankfully Hostpapa Canada has everything under 1 umbrella starting at only $3.95/month.

If costs is not really a big factor for you and you don’t mind paying a few extra bucks on hosting, then try Siteground web hosting at only $6.99/month.

Canadian Web Hosting WordPress To Avoid Online

Although there are several web hosting in Canada to create sites online, there are some that you should recommend. One company based in Montreal that I would say to avoid due to some major security issues is Web Hosting Canada (WHC).

A recent 2021 outage left thousands of their clients without service. According to Cybernews, the incident wiped data on Web Hosting Canada servers.  The data and storage loss at Web Hosting Canada went unexplained for quite some time. Later it was discovered that the outage was due to an unauthorized third party. As a result of this incident, a class action suit against WHC was filed.

Considering what happened with WHC and reaction on social media, I have always believed that it’s important to run backups of your own websites. This should be done even IF the web hosting provider says they will do it. You can do this using great WordPress tools like UpdraftPlus Backup Plugin. It’s probably the most popular backup and restoration used by WordPress websites online.

Incidents like this with days of downtime can cause companies to lose hundreds, thousands or even MILLIONS of dollars in revenue depending on the industry. In the case of the world’s biggest online retailer, on Amazon Prime Day incident caused lost an estimated $100 million was lost due to 1 hour of downtime in 2018! Another incident which caused 13 minutes of downtime resulted in a loss of over $2.6 million.

What do you think about these particular incidents? Were you affected by this? If so, is this why you are looking for the best Canadian web hosting WordPress to migrate to? Let me know in the comments.

Best Canadian Web Hosting WordPress Conclusion

In our consideration today we have talked some good recommendations for Canadian web hosting services. These are the best WordPress hosting for Canada websites when you consider reputations, affordability, security, uptime performance, page loads and customer support.

It’s really hard to find a good host these days that has all of these requirements under one umbrella. However, today you have learned of 4 awesome ones that are definitely worth your attention and consideration.

When considering where your website visitors will originate from, it’s good to consider how many servers and data centers the provider has. Also if there are content delivery networks, then will be great in the event you receive visitors outside of Canada looking of your website. I get visitors from over the world to my sites and glad that I use CDNs to process all of the web traffic. Thankfully all of the suggested providers above offer FREE CDNs which are a huge benefit to you.

Also, having a web hosting in Canada that takes security seriously and takes proactive measures to protect your data is extremely important.

When people search for your website online just like you did today, they expect it to be up and available. If it isn’t online, then this means that your web hosting provider is not reliable and has bad uptime. If this the case, then your business will lose money online and your potential customers will go to your competitor’s website. You don’t want this to happen, right? Nobody does! This is why you only should use the best Canadian web hosting WordPress to create websites, blogs and eCommerce stores.

Now let’s turn it you. Which of our best Canadian web hosting WordPress providers above will you use to create your site today? Which provider have you used in the past if any? Let me know your thoughts below.

I hope that you have much success online with your business this year going forward! Stay safe during COVID!




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