Namecheap EasyWP Review 2022: Is EasyWP Good WordPress Hosting? Read this First!


If you are reading this Namecheap EasyWP Review, then it means that you want to create a WordPress website using Namecheap EasyWP, but have doubts. Or maybe you are wondering is EasyWP good WordPress hosting or not? If you are a beginner looking for a cheap to start a website, blog or eCommerce store, then you better read this honest Namecheap EasyWP Review 2022 first!!

I have been using Namecheap WordPress hosting for quite some time to create WordPress websites and want to share with you what I think!

What To Expect In This Namecheap EasyWP Review?

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namecheap easywp review

Millions of beginners online just like YOU are looking for cheap ways to create websites, blogs and eCommerce stores. Today you will learn from an experienced blogger why Namecheap EasyWP hosting is the best cheap hosting leader for creating websites using WordPress. I will go over the features, specs, uptime and also customer service. With this info you will see the real benefits of hosting with Namecheap!

Nobody likes change, but in 2018 I made a big one! I stopped buying domains at Godaddy and went Namecheap! The reason? The domains are way cheaper over there and a lot easier to deal with than Godaddy.

However, something that I also realized that was cheaper and more reliable is their managed WordPress hosting services. The Namecheap EasyWP is an awesome WordPress hosting platform for beginners online on a tight budget. It’s ideal for creating WordPress websites online that have great performance.

Namecheap EasyWP Review: The WordPress Managed Plans

namecheap easywp review

What I like about the Namecheap Managed WordPress Hosting Plans is that they are very simple to understand even for beginners.

They have 3 cheap hosting plans that you can choose from to start your website in minutes. Watch this entire video to learn more about the costs, features, benefits and advantages of using them to create WordPress websites.

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EasyWP Starter Plan

  • Costs only $3.88/month
  • Gives you 10 GB SSD Storage
  • Handles 50,000 monthly visitors

Who Should Use the Starter Plan?

This Starter plan is best for beginners and newbies to web hosting in my opinion. The surprising thing about this plan is the high volume of web traffic on the 1st tier.

As a beginner creating your first website online, this plan is also better being that you can use to scale up over time as your website traffic grows.

Namecheap EasyWP Turbo

  • Costs only $7.88/month
  • 50 GB SSD Storage
  • Handles 200,000 monthly visitors

Who Should Use the Turbo Plan?

This plan is for larger websites with higher volumes of web traffic.

EasyWP Supersonic

  • Costs only $11.88/month
  • 100 GB SSD Storage
  • Handles 500,000 monthly visitors

Who Is Supersonic Plan Best For?

I think that this plan is best for large enterprises, corporations, and large organizations with high volumes of traffic.

As you can see above the pricing, it’s better to simply pay for the the year to save more money on the front-end. I suggest in general that it is better to buy a few years of web hosting if possible versus just 1. You decide.

Once you get started, you get access to to your dashboard and then start building your website.

However, to get start creating your website for just $1 using Namecheap EasyWP now, click here:

Namecheap EasyWP Review: The Refund Policy

How does the refund policy work on the Namecheap EasyWP managed hosting plans? Namecheap offers a simple 30 day money back guarantee to customers. Most WordPress hosting Namecheap competitors offer a standard 30 day money back guarantee in the industry. If during this time you feel that they are not for you, then simple contact customer support for a refund.

How About EasyWP Alternatives?

Although Namecheap WordPress hosting is great and ideal for beginners, they do have some competitors who also offer managed services.

namecheap easywp review

Siteground, who also provides managed WordPress hosting with promo costs that used to start from $6.99/month – $14.99/month as imaged below in the graph.

However, recently Siteground increased their web hosting from $3.95/month to $6.99/month and also on other plans. There are 3 plans to choose from: Startup, Growbig & Gogeek as pictured below.

Although I do have created 3 websites using Namecheap Starter plan, I also have used Siteground Growbig plan to create some WordPress websites online.

Siteground’s Startup hosting is great for beginners to create just 1 website online. However, if you want to create unlimited websites online, then the GrowBig & Gogeek are better for this. Their GrowBig plan is the most popular and I have been using this hosting plan for the past 2 years.

namcheap easywp review

As for web traffic in comparison to Namecheap EasyWP, you get 10,000 visitors, 25,000 visitors or 100,000 website visitors per month on their managed WordPress services.

Although Siteground’s uptime performance & pages are actually faster in my opinion, Namecheap EasyWP Starter plan handles 50,000 monthly website visitors versus Siteground with 25,000 visitors.

For more details and 60% OFF discount, please visit here at

namecheap easywp review

A2 Hosting, another one of Namecheap WordPress hosting competitors that has turbo speeds starts at only $2.99/month – $14.99/month. I really love using them and been able to create several sites online using their web hosting services.

Namecheap EasyWP review


Want to learn how to create a WordPress website online using A2 Hosting? If so, then this step-by-step tutorials helps beginners do it the easy way.

With A2 Hosting, there are 4 plans that you can choose from: Startup, Drive & Turbo Boost & Turbo Max. The Startup is great to create 1 website online. However, the Drive & Turbo hosting plans allow you to create unlimited websites online.

For more details & to get a 66% OFF Discount, please visit here:

Bluehost also provides WordPress hosting for only $2.95/month and comes highly recommended by

namecheap easywp review

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WARNING! The following Managed WordPress hosting are NOT cheaper than Namecheap WordPress Hosting, but do have blazing fast page loads, lightning server speeds and rock solid uptime performance. These are ideally for users needing fully Managed, dedicated, VPS or Nginx hosting.

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As you could see above, Namecheap EasyWP Review thus far, EasyWP has many competitors, but none of them can beat Namecheap’s pricing!

What You Must Know About EasyWP Hosting

There are a few things that you must know about EasyWP that I wanted to highlight before getting started.

First, you should know that to use EasyWP hosting, you can use ANY domain that is pointing to Namecheap’s nameservers. It used to be the case when EasyWP was in beta stage and was released in testing, you could only use a registered Namecheap domain. But now they have graduated and will you use any domain to create your WordPress website.

You should also know that the EasyWP platform has cPanel as you may be accustomed to with other WordPress hosting providers. However, the dashboard that you will have allows you to easily create your websites with website builders and tools. You can install themes & WordPress plugins. You will get domain privacy for FREE on your domains!

Domain Privacy or Whoisguard as it’s called is great for protecting your information online. It blocks or privatizes your name, phone number, email, home address, etc from being easily accessible to to spammers and hackers. So this something that I really love that Namecheap gives to every customer with their domains for FREE.

I mentioned in the beginning of this Namecheap WordPress hosting review that I used to buy domains and stuff Godaddy, then I switched. I switched to due to the huge savings that Namecheap offers customers overall on domain names and web hosting.

To get started with for just $1 Namecheap EasyWP now, click here:

Want To Transfer Your Site To EasyWP?

Next in this Namecheap EasyWP Review 2022, I want to cover site transfers. You can transfer domains & websites for FREE to their EasyWP platform or even use their shared web hosting!

namecheap easywp review 2022

To do this, you will need to provide the EPP code from your current web hosting provider before migration process starts. Namecheap makes the move you pretty quickly.

What Do Others Think About Namecheap EasyWP?

To keep this Namcheap EasyWP Review 100% honest, I wanted to include some feedback & opinions of other present & past customers. Honestly, this is something that you will not find in other Namecheap EasyWP Reviews online. However, on this blog I want you to know the good and bad. This way you can make a solid decision about using Namecheap WordPress hosting or another alternative and competitor mentioned on this blog.

Namecheap across the board is known for its super cheap domains & web hosting that it offers. However, when checking out other Namecheap WordPress hosting reviews on Trustpilot for example you will see that they have 4.4 out of 5 stars based on 9,979 users. This means that some user LOVE using Namescheap web hosting while others may not like their service.

Even on Reddit, users ask is namecheap good for hosting and there are tons of positive comments.

Why do I share this with you in this Namecheap EasyWP Review 2022? Because I want you guys to know the positives and negatives of using Namecheap overall.

In my experience online I have seen that EVERY web hosting provider online has some complaints from customers. This just comes with the playing field. Some will have problems with their web hosting whereas others may not at all. This is to be expected online and Namecheap is not the exception. Again, I have been using for a long time to purchase domain names and web hosting and have NEVER has any problems with them. If you have ANY questions about using their web hosting at all, then please don’t hesitate to drop your questions below in the comments area. I will be glad to answer your questions and help you to create your website online.

But I still think that if you are looking for a cheap provider to create your website today, then they are a good choice for you. I have never had any issues with them personally, but you will have to decide.

However, if would like to consider another cheap web hosting for WordPress that has a 5-star Trustpilot rating by its customers along with a 180 day money back guarantee, then try right now Mochahost @

Namecheap EasyWP Review 2022 Conclusion

Hey guys, I hope that by reading this Namecheap EasyWP review today it has helped you to have more of a complete understanding of what to expect before creating your site today.

Since I started using Namecheap to create WordPress sites online I have been very impressed. They have all of the tools and resources will need to build and maintain sites online. On top of this they have really great customer support, security, uptime performance and are super affordable for beginners online. It’s a great way to save with your business and get your brand online fast!

Namecheap has been around for a long time as the 2nd largest domain registrar and does an amazing job with web hosting. As mentioned before in this review, creating your website is very easy to do and they make it a lot easier than competitors online.

As you know already, more than 30% of the websites online are created using the CMS platform WordPress. Millions of websites are powered by it and there is no need to learn html or coding to use it. The Namecheap EasyWP hosting specializes in this. So when you get started creating your new website today you will be able to customize it with new themes, WordPress plugins and more!

I hope that you found this Namecheap EasyWP Review very helpful and easy to follow. What do think about using EasyWP to create your website? What type of website would you like to create today? Let me know in the comments below.

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