Liquid Web Reviews 2022 – Is Liquid Web A Good Host? Yes, But See Why!


Are you wondering is Liquid Web a good host? If so, then our Liquid Web reviews are for you! Your business needs a rock solid web hosting provider that has great reliability so that your potential customers always find you online.

No doubt Liquid Web is one of fastest VPS, Cloud & Dedicated hosting providers that offers a wide range of solutions for entrepreneurs wanting to create sites online. However, are they really for you? Keep reading this Liquid Web hosting review to see what you must before getting started with them online.

What To Expect In Our Liquid Web Reviews?

When it comes to any Managed hosting provider online, you will see that it’s hard to find one that is super reliable, cost-effective & has great customer support under one umbrella. This is something that I realized over the years building websites using WordPress and other CMS platforms. No matter how many websites you need to create online, you must have all the necessary resources and tools for your needs.

What makes Liquid Web hosting different from the masses in this same space? Are they really worth it? Yes they are amazing host! However, today we will review the tops reason to use their Managed VPS & Dedicated hosting services for your business.

 What Is Liquid Web?

liquid web reviews

So what does Liquid Web do? Who owns Liquid Web?

Liquid Web is an amazing fully Managed Cloud & WordPress hosting provider known mostly for their rock solid uptime performance and fast customer support who responds within 59 seconds.

The Liquid Web headquarters is based in Lansing, Michigan and owned by the Madison Dearborn Partners.

They have been leaders in the web hosting industry for over 24 years in over 150 countries.

Some popular big companies that use and depend on Liquid Web to protect and maintain their high trafficked websites are: National Geographic, Symantec, Home Depot, Eddie Bauer, Porsche and more!

Currently, Liquid Web offers a wide range of solutions such as:

  • VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • Managed WordPress
  • Managed WooCommerce
  • HIPPA Compliant Hosting [Healthcare]
  • Database Hosting
  • Cloud Dedicated
  • Magento Cloud
  • Server Clusters & More!

In addition to their VPS, Cloud and Dedicated hosting services, Liquid Web subsidiaries include some other brands under their umbrella that you may be familiar with such as:

Liquid Web Managed Hosting Plans Overall:

  • VPS Hosting starts at only $15/month [To Save Up To 75% OFF CLICK HERE]
  • Managed WordPress Hosting & WooCommerce starts at only $9.50/month
  • Cloud Server Hosting started at only $149/month [To Save 40% on 3 Months – Use Liquid Web Coupon WINTER40]
  • Dedicated Hosting starts at only $99/month [To Save 50% OFF CLICK HERE]

Overall Features:

Get Started Now With Liquid Web Managed Hosting Right Here:

Liquid Web Cloud Servers vs VPS Hosting?

Now that you know what is Liquid Web, the next step is to get your site online. Do you want to create or migrate a site today, but not sure which package will be best for you? Perhaps you have already graduated from shared web hosting and now looking to scale up for additional resources.

This is a very important question to answer especially when you notice that your website has spiked or increased significantly with daily/monthly visitors. In order for your website to handle this ongoing web traffic and not crash as with case of many shared web hosting, you will need to upgrade.

Should you start with a VPS hosting plan first or Liquid Web Cloud servers? No doubt there are many benefits of using VPS hosting or Cloud servers. To help you answer this question, checkout this brief video that will explain the benefits of each.

Liquid Web Storm VPS

How To Launch Your Website

Once you signup with your Liquid Web Managed Hosting account, now it’s time to create your website. To be able to take your website live, then quick video will show you exactly how to do it. Depending on where you purchased your domain name, you will need to login into your domain registrar account to then point it to Liquid Web nameservers.

As for me, most of my WordPress sites created have domain names registered through Namecheap. I buy them there first because they are cheaper and they also give you FREE Whois privacy protection. No matter the domain name registrar used, you can follow the same steps below as these will help you to launch your site live.

Liquid Web Uptime Performance: Is Liquid Web Fast & Reliable?

liquid web reviews

Another aspect that to highlight in our Liquid Web reviews is the uptime performance of your website. It is extremely important for your business online and something that should be monitored and never overlooked.

Depending on how reliable your web hosting provider is, this will determine if your visitors can find you online or not. Most shared web hosting providers in the industry maintain an average uptime of only 99.9% uptime on servers.

How is Liquid Web uptime performance? Is Liquid Web reliable? Yes, they are super reliable! You will be happy to know that they have a rock solid 100% uptime guarantee. This is something that you will NOT find anywhere else online. There are 10 Liquid Web data centers globally to service customers in over 150 countries. Why is this important to know?

It’s extremely important because if your website only has 99.9% uptime like typical cheap hosts, then there will be pockets of time where your website doesn’t appear online. This means that when people search for you online they will not find your site. As a result, your business will lose money, potential sales and exposure to your brand.

Consider for example a report by Business Insider that mentioned how during 1 hour of downtime Amazon Prime day lost up to $100 million! Obviously, your business is no Amazon, but you do see that downtime will cost your business. This is why uptime on servers is so important.

liquid web reviews

When your website is up and available online, then it will promote a better experience for your visitors and thus potential sales.

To illustrate this, think about how you made it to this site today. You were searching for good “Liquid Web reviews” and clicked thru to see is Liquid Web a good host or not. If my site was experiencing downtime, then you would not be here reading this Liquid Web review. You get it?

This is exactly what your visitors or potential customers will expect when they click thru to your site online. They expect your site to be available all the time. If not, then they will go somewhere else and you obviously don’t want that.

Thankfully Liquid Web has you completely covered in this area of reliability with their 100% uptime guarantee on servers. They do have caching & FREE content delivery networks with their web hosting which make it easier to handle web traffic in the millions.

Liquid Web Data Centers

At the at time of doing this Liquid Web review, there were 3 data centers globally with well over 43,000+ servers. You can use any select any of these to build your site on. In general when it comes to web hosting, it is always recommended to connect to the data center closest to your visitor location.

All Liquid Web data centers have redundant networks, onsite security, a team a experts dedicated to monitoring security and network performance.  They are also SSAE-16 & HIPPA Compliant.

To optimize all servers and ensure fast page loads, Liquid Web also uses Mod_PageSpeed and Memcached systems. These reduce server inquiries and speed up dynamic database-driven websites. As a result, these open source server-level technologies deliver an overall superior performance of your website and will increase Google rankings.

Liquid Web Storm VPS

Liquid Web Customer Support

Another aspect of their hosting that I wanted to highlight in our Liquid Web reviews is the excellent customer support. I feel that having customer is key to not only answering questions, but also resolving issues FAST when they arise.

Liquid Web has amazing 24/7/365 tech support that is very knowledgeable with products. Their guarantee is to connect you with a rep with 59 seconds or less via phone, chat or email and they definitely live up to it. This is another thing that is very hard to find online.

Typically with most shared web hosting providers online you have to wait several minutes or even hours before an issue is resolved. This is typically because they are understaffed and overload servers with too many users. This is the case with many of the web hosting providers owned by Newfold Digital [previously EIG].

However, with Liquid Web as a Managed hosting provider they have over 600+ highly trained experienced professionals to assist you quickly. It doesn’t matter if your issue is related to cPanel or Plesk, a Self-Managed or Core-Managed hosting product, help is always there and FAST!

The Liquid Web Trustpilot profile shows they have a 4.6 out of 5 stars based on Liquid Web reviews left by users. They have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. So across the board they have excellent customer support.

Security – Is Liquid Web Secure or Not?

liquid web reviews

Another important aspect to highlight in our Liquid Web reviews is the security. In the world that we live in we have to make sure that our website stay secure. So what does Liquid Web do to protect your website data against spam, malware, hackers and brute attacks?

  • FREE SSL Certificates
  • CDN with Cloudflare
  • Automatic Daily Website Backups
  • Backup Encryption
  • Firewalls & Virtual Private Networks To Block Malicious Internet Traffic
  • Advanced DDoS Protection
  • Ransomware Protection
  • Malware Scanning & Removal
  • Compliance Assistance
  • Threat Stack Oversight Intrusion Detection System

Site Migrations

Are you hosting with another provider that you having issues with and would like to move your site? Are you with Bluehost, Hostgator, Siteground, A2Hosting, Namecheap, Hostwinds, InMotion Hosting, WP Engine or another host that you want to leave? If so, then Liquid Web has FREE site migration services where they will move your website over to their servers.

It’s a very seamless process that is quick & completely hands off without any downtime at all. Are you ready to get started right now?

To get started right now with Liquid Web hosting services, go here

Pros Of Using Liquid Web

Liquid Web will authorize SSL certificates validated by GlobalSign which is a highly respected certificate authority. If you were to buy it directly from GlobalSign, it would costs you $249 USD/year, but you get it FREE with your Liquid Web account today. They work with or without subdomains and also support WildCard and SANS.

In addition to the SSL certificates, all servers will come with Solid State Drives. Why is this important? Because SSDs are more durable, secure and deliver blazing fast loading times for websites, games, applications, movies. Faster speeds are one of many Google ranking factors.

Also, due to the advanced SSD technology, they are known to reduce energy usage and be more power proficient than your typical hard drives. As result it will essentially will allow computers to run faster & cooler.

Although Liquid Web has many VPS & Dedicated hosting competitors, most of them like WPEngine will milk you based on the how many page views or visitors your website gets. However, with all of Liquid Web Managed hosting plans they do not have any limits on web traffic. This means that you don’t have to worry about being overcharged or surprise bills and you can handle unlimited visitors.

Liquid Web offers FREE website migrations from any web hosting provider. There will be no downtime during this process and it’s hands off. Being that most web hosting providers use the cPanel dashboard for site management, it makes it easier even for site migrations. With Liquid Web you can cPanel, Plesk or Interworx to create unlimited websites, manage your domains, hosting, etc.

Although beginners may be quite familiar with Plesk, it does have better features than cPanel dashboards. It will allow you to:

  • Create email accounts
  • See bandwidth usage
  • Backup websites
  • Install plugins & apps
  • It allows you to add new customers
  • Just like with cPanel, you can access Softaculous
  • Connect domain names to Liquid Web hosting especially if purchased externally [can point nameservers]
  • There are SEO tools that you can use to improve your Google, Yahoo & Bing SEO rankings.

Let’s not forget about the amazing 100% uptime performance on their servers. Also, they have very fast customer support that responds in under 59 seconds which is really impressive! This is something that is really hard to find online with many competitors online.

They fully manage everything with your website from plugins, php, themes, software and have top notch security to keep websites secure 24/7/365.

Liquid Web Storm VPS

Disadvantages Of Using Liquid Web

There are only a couple of downfalls that can highlighted this Liquid Web reviews.

Liquid Web’s main focus is in providing the best fully Managed VPS, Cloud, and Dedicated hosting in this industry. I must say that they do an extremely well job at it and are best when it comes to the fastest page loads, highest uptime performance, fastest customer support and security.

However, if you are a beginner online and you have never created a website before, then Liquid Web is not for you. Liquid Web is mainly for individuals who have some previous experience with websites and expecting a superior experience online. If you have a website with high volumes of web traffic, then they are a perfect option for this.

You can compare their Liquid Web VPS & Dedicated hosting to a 5-star diamond hotel versus a 2-star hotel. Both provide sleeping accommodations, but only one of them is superior with top quality and a better experience across all levels.

Liquid Web doesn’t offer any shared web hosting plans which tend to be super cheap for newbies online. If you are cheap and on somewhat of a tight budget, then I recommend starting first with these web hosting for WordPress here.

Also, you may have seen that with many cheap shared web hosting providers online they tend to offer free ad credits for for Google & Bing Ads. Liquid Web does not offer any PPC marketing credits for customers.

Thereafter, when you build up more web traffic over time and your needs for additional resources and tools changes, then you can graduate from training wheels and step up to managed hosting like Liquid Web. You will be happy that you did!

One last thing that can be mentioned regarding Liquid Web is that they don’t give you a FREE domain name for your very first year like many cheap shared web hosting do. But one any note, I typically prefer to buy domain and hosting separate.

Keep in mind that domain names typically costs about $15 – $20 per year at Godaddy for a .com domain. Liquid Web doesn’t follow the model of cheap web hosting services out there who entice people to join them with freebies.

If you want to save and get a cheap domain name with free whois privacy protection, then I recommend that you grab it at Namecheap and point it to Liquid Web Managed hosting to build your site online.  Popular Domains for just 99 Cents at Namecheap!

What Are The Best Alternatives To Liquid Web For Managed Hosting?

If for some reason you feel that Liquid Web is not the best vehicle for your website, then you can consider some other providers like InMotion Dedicated Server Hosting, Devrims, Cloudways, FastComet or Nestify.

They all specialize in Managed hosting servers, support high volumes of traffic, have tons of data centers and have flexible month-to-month payment options.

Liquid Web Reviews Conclusion

As mentioned in the beginning of this Liquid Web hosting review, there are many web hosting services to create sites online. It doesn’t really matter how experienced you are online with website design, you absolutely need a provider that has rock solid 100% uptime performance. This ensures server reliability and that your website is always online.

To keep pace with Google updates and requirements, you also need a web hosting provider that promotes fast page loads and speeds as these WILL affect your SEO rankings.

Liquid Web’s VPS, Dedicated & Cloud hosting services are not only affordable, but ideal platform for small businesses, agencies, web developers, corporations, enterprises and more. As we mentioned earlier they have excellent 24/7/365 customer support that is really fast.

You could see that Liquid Web use the absolute most advanced hosting solutions & hardware for websites on their servers. With their packages, you can go month to month or pay all upfront for your web hosting.

For more flexibility and wiggle, remember that you will Interworx included to create websites online. This will make it a lot easier to manage your VPS accounts. However, if you prefer, you can still use cPanel or even Plesk to manage your account. All in all, Liquid web hosting has all of the resources and tools that you will need for a great price.

Thank you so much for reading our Liquid Web Reviews today! Which hosting plan do you think is best for your website today? Let me know below. I hope that you stay safe during COVID and have much success in your business this year going forward!

Liquid Web Storm VPS

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